There are many tea gardens in Longtan Dabeikeng, presenting the Hakka spirit of tough and inheritance, bringing different features of local business.


About this area

Dabaeikeng in Longtan is a hilly land with an altitude of about 300 to 400 meters. It is often misty in the morning and evening. The moist offers good environment for tea planting; it is one of the oldest Hakka tea areas. In recent years, friendly or organic cultivation is popular, creating a good habitat for small Greenleaf hoppers. The Oriental Beauty Tea has strong fruit flavor with wonderful flavor and color, it is very popular.

☛ Feature Tour

●Hakka Culture: Hakka Literature Wall (Hakka nursery rhymes, idioms, afterword and folk songs), Lupinus decoration (origin of Hakka mother), Hakka God representation Golden Green-hopper, Hakka God (tour guide of the culture), century-old Jiang House and Hakka fountain.

●Industry: Oriental Beauty Tea, creative agricultural products (tea pork ball, fruit tea, oriental beauty dried bean, green tea enzyme

●Ecology: Outdoors classroom for soil and water conversation, observation zone of rhinoceros beetle (mid-June to mid-July), observation zone of Danaini butterfly (May to October), observation zone of firefly (April to early May), ecological river park, and Dabeikeng forest (more than 400,000 trees have been planted since 1994, with an area of 10 hectares).